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Katrina Ellis N.D.: Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist, Cancer Survivor, Public Speaker & Author

Katrina is a world reknown ‘Natural Health Specialist’ who is committed to creating better health, happiness and inner contentment to all. Katrina’s holistic approach to life may be the helping hand you have searching for to build better health, happiness and contentment.

Katrina’s StoryKatrina-Ellis

Eighteen years ago I was given the honour of working for the deputy prime minister of Thailand in his prestigious health retreat, Chiva-Som.  Here I consulted with celebrities from all over the world and used every health tool in my arsenal to help improve the health of others. After many years of living in this beautiful paradise, I was exposed to a deadly, toxic chemical.  Within 3 months my belly begin to blow up and in a short time it looked as if I was ten months pregnant. I traveled the world looking for answers and after visiting top specialists I was told that I had everything but cancer. By this time the mass in my belly was so big, I needed a pillow to support its weight while sleeping.  Finally a doctor agreed to remove the mass, and when I woke up I was told that I had a very rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer. Due to several misdiagnoses the cancer had spread and the prognosis was poor.  I was informed that aggressive chemotherapy was my only chance to extend my life.

At the age of 28 I was scared and afraid of dying, yet I had also become wiser in my journey. I drew on my experience as a naturopath and instead of choosing chemotherapy as my sole form of treatment, I decided to incorporate complementary therapies to improve my chance of survival. After almost 90 hours of intensive chemotherapy, I chose to stop treatment, as I now knew it was doing more harm than good.

Using all of my courage and the knowledge I had gained in my career, I employed the help of nature’s foods, herbs, medicines, cancer-fighting supplements and the power of my mind to heal my body. The doctors told me I would be a lucky girl if I lived past the year – that was 15 years ago. They also told me it was not likely that I would have children.  With the aid of natural medicine I proved everyone wrong and I naturally gave birth to a beautiful boy and girl.

From my experience the international bestseller, “Shattering the Cancer Myth” was born, empowering the lives of others. I live, breathe and immerse myself daily in a healthy lifestyle to stay happy, vibrant and healthy.  I have dedicated my life to educating others on the power of natural medicine and its potential to enrich and change lives for the better.