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High Tech Devices – Danger to Kids

May 13, 2012 |

Kids in today’s modern and fast paced world are switched on and tech savvy when it comes to computers, mobiles, gaming stations and other high tech devices. As a mother, if I am stumped about a feature on my IPhone … Read More

Chocolate Superfood Truffles

April 13, 2012 |

2 cups of cashews, ground down finely ½ cup of cacao powder ½ cup of cocoa powder 2 tablespoons of lucuma powder ½ cup of cacao butter ¼ cup of raw agave or maple syrup ½ cup of shredded coconut … Read More

Remove Freckles Naturally

April 12, 2012 |

Freckles are small, tan or dark spots of colouration that occur on the skin. They are caused from an increase in the amount of a dark pigment known as melanin. Melanin occurs naturally in our skin to protect us against … Read More

Stop those Stretch Marks

March 13, 2012 |

Stretch marks are wavy stripes that appear on the buttocks, thighs, breasts or abdomen. They begin red in colour and eventually turn white. The main cause is rapid weight gain causing the skin to overstretch. This tears the fibres in … Read More

Which Bottled Water is the best?

February 6, 2012 | | 2 Comments

Why is water so important? The human body is 70% water and every organ, gland and tissue requires good quality water to function optimally. The lymphatic system (our body’s rubbish removal system) is reliant on water, as is the kidneys, … Read More

Health Benefits of Yoga

January 11, 2012 |

1 have been teaching and doing yoga for close to twenty years and without doubt, it has been my greatest friend in helping to reduce stress, maintain flexibility and calm my busy mind. But there are countless other physcial and … Read More

Katrina’s Raw Pad Thai

January 10, 2012 |

Katrina’s Raw Pad Thai Makes 4 serves

Pad Thai is definitely one of my favourite Thai dishes. Unfortunately traditional Pad Thai is made with lots of sugar, fish sauce and vegetable oil. So rather than giving up on this beautiful … Read More

Goodbye Cellulite

December 9, 2011 |

Ah – cellulite – a girl’s worst nightmare. You can get skinny, but in many girls cellulite still remains. So many girls think that we get cellulite because of genetics – but this is not true. Cellulite is actually caused … Read More

The Danger of High Protein Diets

October 20, 2011 |

Yes it is true – high protein diets are not suitable for everyone. Most of these diets emphasize a high intake of animal products like meat, chicken and dairy products, as well as man-made protein powders. While these foods in … Read More