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Happiness Archives - Katrina Ellis

The NEW Katrina Ellis Health Centre is Open

September 14, 2016 | | 2 Comments

Our beautiful new Health Clinic is now open and we have so many exciting updates to share with you!

TGA Approved Heavy Metal and Mineral Testing – Now available for children from the age of 2 years

This 10 … Read More

Meditate like a Monk in Ten Minutes

August 14, 2014 |

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I see many clients with cancer who have poor coping mechanisms when dealing with stress and negative events. They tend to find it difficult to meditate and use the power of their minds to create their … Read More

Kickstart your Metabolism!

February 7, 2014 |

Since developing our Metabolic Reset Program last year we’ve been thrilled with the results and its quickly becoming known as an all natural body reshaping and fat burning program.

Check out these results… a 7.45 kilogram loss in just 23 … Read More

Cacao Berry Power Shake

February 21, 2013 |

This Cacao Berry Power Shake is a favourite of mine on a rainy day, just like today, and maybe tomorrow and possibly the next day, with the way the weather looks. It is full of omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C and every … Read More

Healthy Mum = Happy Children

September 2, 2012 | | 2 Comments

Being a busy Mum of two kids, a wife, and running a full-time business is not an easy task, as most of you know. People always ask me how I sustain so much energy and manage not to lose my … Read More

Health Benefits of Yoga

January 11, 2012 |

1 have been teaching and doing yoga for close to twenty years and without doubt, it has been my greatest friend in helping to reduce stress, maintain flexibility and calm my busy mind. But there are countless other physcial and … Read More