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Best Natural Suncreen

Best Natural Suncreen

As a mum living in Oz, I want my children’s skin to stay safe and protected from the damaging Australian UVA and UVB rays. Normal sunscreens are not the answer to this, as many cheap sunscreens are full of dangerous preservatives and petrochemicals. It is these substances which I believe from my experience as a naturopath and health educator play a role in skin cancer development. Most shelf brand sunscreens also contain titanium dioxide.

Even though many people consider this a safe substance, it is now being used as a new treatment for window glass as it can attack and degrade anything it comes into contact with. If it can do this to glass, imagine what it does to your skin. I choose only safe, natural, organic sunscreens for my family made without petrochemicals, artificial preservatives and titanium dioxide. I have used a NATURAL SAFE SUNSCREEN called WOTNOT on my kids’s skin since it first came out. WOTNOT is an Australian made product, that is organic and not tested on animals. It also contains no titanium dioxide and plenty of natural oils like sesame oil, safflower oil and shea butter to moisturise and protect the skin. We play on the beach most weekends, in and out of the water and my children have never been burnt and their skin is absolutely beautiful. Keep posted on other natural sunscreens that we are testing out in the Aussie sun.

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