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Breathing for Healing - Katrina Ellis

Breathing for Healing

A persons mood and attitude have a tremendous bearing on the function of their immune system and it has been proven that chronic stress, depression and anxiety negative affect the functioning of our immune system.

A simple technique for combating these ailments is to use your breath to help heal your body and relax your mind. A favourite technique of mine is slow deep breathing or simple yoga breath.


The Technique

The exercise of slow deep breathing relaxes your mind and body, increases your oxygen supply and centres your awareness. Sitting or lying (in the position most comfortable to you), bring in your breath slowly and fully into the pit of your stomach. Breathe in and out through your nose only. Place your hands on your abdomen where you can feel each breath coming in and out. As you breathe in concentrate on letting your abdomen expand. As you breathe out concentrate on your abdomen slowly pulling in. Do not force or hurry your breathing.

This is a relaxing, deepening and centering practice. Keep your breathing steady, slow and full and continue for five or so minutes.

Tell me, how did you feel after trying this? Did it calm you in a stressful situation?

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