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High Tech Devices - Danger to Kids - Katrina Ellis

High Tech Devices – Danger to Kids

Kids in today’s modern and fast paced world are switched on and tech savvy when it comes to computers, mobiles, gaming stations and other high tech devices. As a mother, if I am stumped about a feature on my IPhone 4 I simply give it to my six year old and he has it rewired, revamped and optimised in less than five minutes. Seeing kids on iphones, mobiles and computers is not uncommon nowadays, although, as a parent I believe it is important to consider any long-term consequences of overuse on your young child’s growing brain. I know when my son would get his hands on a Nintendo DS and play this all day, he would not eat well, sleep well or even behave very well. In fact, I even noticed him twitching in his sleep and in the morning hiding under his covers just to get his hands on his Nintendo DS once again. One solution to solve this problem is to completely ban children from using high tech electromagnetic devices, but I believe this is unrealistic in today’s modern world. I think it is important to reduce usage of devices which emit dangerous electromagnetic frequencies, but I also think the more sensible solution is to find ways to minimise danger from these devices. So why are high tech devices like computers and mobile phones dangerous for children?

The problem with an overuse of these devices is the danger to a child’s developing brain. A child’s head absorbs up to 50% more mobile phone radiation than adult’s heads because their ears and skulls are thinner and smaller and their nervous systems are not yet developed. When a five year old uses a mobile phone, the radiation is able to permeate 50% of the brain, which then reduces to about 30% in a ten year old. An independent Swedish study showed that children who regularly used mobile phones had a 5 times greater risk of developing brain tumours later in life. There are protective devices that you can put onto your mobile phones and computers to reduce the danger of these frequencies. I use a ‘mobile shield’ protector on the ear piece of all of my phones which is claimed to reduce radiation by up to 95%. You can also place gold harmonisers on the phones or radiation shields which neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. These are claimed to work effectively on cell phones, Bluetooth and PDA’s. Before purchasing these look for any research or testing on these devices by qualified and acknowledged laboratories or scientists.

Harmful electromagnetic frequencies are also generated from too much television, computers, microwaves, fluorescent light, electric blankets, electric clocks and others. These frequencies when over-exposed can reduce the brain’s protective mechanisms and leave a child at greater risk of insomnia, attention deficit disorders (ADD), behavioural problems, shortened attention spans and even varioius cancers like lymphoma and leukemia. There are many ways you can protect against these harmful frequencies. Plants purify the air and the leaves actually help to absorb some of the infrared radiation while producing negative ions that can protect the human body. Minimise television and computer use around children and switch off all devices when not in use. Always keep electrical appliances or devices at least 6 feet away from children’s beds. Never put a cell phone near a child’s bed or even an alarm clock as these will continue to emit electromagnetic frequencies. Bamboo is a wonderful ‘earth element’ that helps to absorb impurities in the air, bad smells and also harmful electromagnetic frequencies. I use bamboo cubes in my clinic and home office to absorb bad frequencies from my computer systems and bamboo cubes, bags and elements in my home to offer protection for my children. Foods that guard against the danger of these harmful rays and radiation include cabbage, spirulina, kelp or seaweeds (make sushi for your kids), green leafy vegetables, carrots, spinach, brown rice, miso, tamari and fermented soy products. I will keep you updated on more natural products that can offer valuable protection against these dangerous ‘modern killers’ known as electromagnetic frequencies.

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