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New: Metabolic Reset Program for Weight Loss - Katrina Ellis

New: Metabolic Reset Program for Weight Loss

Already achieving great results, the Metabolic Reset Program is now available at the Katrina Ellis Natural Health Centre.

Metabolic Reset Program combines a homeopathic remedy (MR drops) and a low calorie food intake.  Available with our on-site Nutritionist Rachel Enright, the Metabolic Reset Program is perfect for anyone who has struggled with weight loss or is finding it difficult to shift those last few kilograms.

Find our more about the Metabolic Reset Program here.


  1. giulietta Sorgiovanni

    Hi there
    I love this website, I had surgery last week to remove a breast tumour and 4 lymph nodes, I was diagnosed with estrogen positive lobular carcinoma.
    Do I need an estrogen free diet? I am so confused as there is so much conflicting information on the internet .. it would be great to get some info on estrogen free diet.. x

    • Katrina

      Hi Giulietta – Sorry it has taken a while to respond as we were not updating this website – but we are onto it now. Foods that contain phyto-estrogens are not harmful, these are plant based estrogens that modify the direction of harmful estrogens in the body thereby providing a positive and cancer-protective effect. The most important of these include foods rich in indoles like broccoli, kale, radish, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts and foods like flaxseeds and organic, fermented soy like natto, tempeh and similar. It is important to have good daily bowel motions to remove harmful estrogens, don’t eat anything from plastics or keep foods in plastic (as this mimics estrogen) and ensure you have a great liver function too. Add a good green tea like matcha or sencha into your daily program to help reduce the conversion of carcinogenic cells. Consider adding some broccoli sprout powder to your daily program. I hope this helps. Warmest Thoughts, Katrina x ps – many people are scared of soy. Soy contains some powerful isoflavones like genistein and daizden that help to protect against dangerous forms of estrogen. If you are worried about estrogen over-loading, don’t be, just keep your consumption low and organic/fermented forms for a protective effect. Also make sure your iodine levels are high as iodine protects breast tissue.

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