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My Seven Easy Steps to Beat Stress - Katrina Ellis

My Seven Easy Steps to Beat Stress

Stress effects the human body in more ways than imagined. It impacts cortisol release, shuts down the digestive tract (often resulting in irritable bowel syndrome and weight gain), makes us breathe faster, increases adrenaline production and release, increases cholesterol and blood sugar and insulin.

My Top Seven Tips to Beat Stress are:

  1. Share the Load – Learn to delegate responsibilities and tasks to others.
  2. Eliminate Boredom – If we are bored, our minds create niggling fears and anxieties.
  3. Self-Esteem Tricks – Do happy and exciting things to uplift your confidence. Write a gratitude list and include your wonderful personal qualities.
  4. Plan and Organise –
  5. Take a Break – Take time out for relaxation. Plan a holiday or special trip every year.
  6. Sleep and Eat Well – Sleep rejuvenates the body and mind and helps to alleviate stress.
  7. You are Most Important – It is not important to please everyone or to make others feel proud of you. Learning to make yourself happy is key. When you’re happy, this will flow into other areas of your life.

These tips and others to leading a healthy, happy and content life are available in my latest book, Shattering the Cancer Myth 4th Ed.

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