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Metabolic Reset Program

The Metabolic Reset Program uses a unique and specially created homeopathic remedy (Metabolic Reset drops) to reset the metabolism in conjunction with a specially designed eating plan, fat-burning supplements and a nutritional consult with Saara White.

The Program

This program is one of the best fat-burning, body-reshaping weight loss programs around. It is recommended that you have a personal or phone consultation with one of our naturopaths at the beginning (to start phase 1 and 2) and after 3 weeks to start phase 3 of the program.  This ensures that we can specialise this program to ensure that a maximum and permanent weight loss is achieved.

About Metabolic Reset (MR) Drops

The unique MR drops are designed to release stored body fat. As the fats get released into the bloodstream they are burned while on a lower calorie, healthy eating program. Age, poor diets, over-eating, fad weight loss and high protein diets and even hormones can have a negative impact on a person’s metabolism. The MR drops can help to correct a sluggish hypothalamus gland, so it can control your appetite and burn up to 2000 calories daily from abnormal fat stores.  As the fats are released, you lose weight and the body naturally re-shapes itself which results in your metabolism restoring itself back to where it should be. The MR drops stimulate the fat cells to release the appetite-regulating hormone leptin. Leptin regulates not only hunger, but also thyroid function and the availability of fuel from body fat. If leptin levels stay elevated, the hormonal need for food is significantly reduced. Therefore,. when you are on the metabolic reset diet, you simply don’t feel hungry. The majority of the fat loss occurs from the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. Most people lose on average 2 to 3 kilograms per week and do not put the weight back on even when the program is finished.

Personal Testimonial

I struggled with losing weight after having four beautiful girls. I tried every healthy eating plan known to man, exercise program and anything I could think of to shift the weight. It wasn’t until I fully under-took the metabolic reset program before I started seeing a dramatic shifting in my body fat.  It took only six weeks on the metabolic reset program and some weeks in between for me to shift close to twenty kilograms, including the weight I was carrying around my tummy, which I thought would never shift because it was simply pregnancy mummy fat.  Today I am wearing a size 8, I have loads of energy, I can wear clothes I haven’t worn in years and my body simply doesn’t want to put the weight on anymore.  I cannot believe how easy it was to follow – it was so successful that I believe every individual who wants to be at their perfect weight should give themselves the opportunity to follow this program. It completely reshaped my body back to the weight I was in my early twenties!


Prior to starting the Metabolic Reset Program (MRP) I was obese and most unhappy.

My daughter suggested trying the MRP and I resisted for some time as I thought it was just another of those miracle, give us your money and loose 10 kilos a week, scams. I eventually decided to give it a go, but approached it with extreme skepticism, as I knew that such a low calorie intake was unsustainable and in addition, believed my age (mid 60’s) was against me.

I had been dieting before starting MRP and had lost an easy 2 kilos.

Much to my amazement in the first week of the MRP I lost 2.3 kilos, which was a lot off my 150cm small frame. I was not hungry and was able to resist the usual temptations. I felt quite well, not fatigued and I undertook no additional exercise. The MRP is not expensive and any outlay is compensated for by the smaller food intake. I adhered to the suggested foods and counted my calories. I found the instructions easy to follow and help just a phone call away if clarification was needed.

I lost 8.5 kgs in 4 weeks with ease, and suffered no hunger or fatigue.

I am now able to wear clothes which have been hanging forlornly in my wardrobe and have bought a few items in a smaller size. I no longer have to limit my retail therapy to buying handbags, shoes and pajamas, as I can buy fashionable clothes once again! I have not gained any weight since finishing the diet but I watch what I eat.

I intend to undertake the MRP again after Christmas and hope to loose another 6 kgs which will place me in a healthy weight range with a BMI of 25.

I am a veteran dieter and this is the most painless and successful diet I have ever tried.

I am tempted to go up to unhappy looking, overweight people and ask them if they have heard of the metabolic reset programme but have resisted the urge, so far!

Thank you Katrina!

If you would like to make a booking to undertake our amazing ‘metabolic reset program’ please feel free to call the clinic on 07 55 363113.

Before and After – 6 weeks and a total weight loss of 7.4 kilograms

Metabolic Reset Program Weight Loss