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Goodbye Cellulite

Ah – cellulite – a girl’s worst nightmare. You can get skinny, but in many girls cellulite still remains. So many girls think that we get cellulite because of genetics – but this is not true. Cellulite is actually caused from water and toxic wastes becoming trapped in connective tissues. The body tries to protect you against this by diluting the toxins, causing water retention. The tissues around the fat cells then harden, trapping the water, causing the unwatned bulges and ripples of cellulite to form. The most common causes of cellulite are hormone imbalance(a poor clearance of estrogens), a poor diet, a high intake of nicotine, caffeine, constipation and a poor liver function.

The best solution to remove cellulite is to do a good bowel and liver detoxification diet. I also suggest dry skin brushing before showering in long strokes towards your heart. After showering, apply this magic cellulite-removal oil:

Magic Cellulite-Removal Oil

5 drops of fennel

10 drops of mandarin oil

5 drops of cypress oil

5 drops of parsley seed oil

20 drops of grapefruit oil

20 mls of wheatgerm oil

100 mls of apricot kernel oil

An amazing little device that I have discovered is the Tripollar Pose – it works by radiofrequency breaking up and destroying the fat cells in the abdominal, hip and thigh area. It is completely harmless, but all studies show that it is very successful at destroying cellulite. But remember, if you don’t take away the cause (ie. constipation, poor liver function etc.) then the cellulite will simply return with a vengeance. Try going on a good bowel and liver cleanse for a few weeks, taking a good supplement to strengthen connective tissues and using this magic cellulite oil.

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