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Remove Freckles Naturally

Remove Freckles Naturally

Freckles are small, tan or dark spots of colouration that occur on the skin. They are caused from an increase in the amount of a dark pigment known as melanin. Melanin occurs naturally in our skin to protect us against cancer-causing UV rays. But repeated sunburn, UV exposure, genetics and hormone imbalance can cause melanin to become unstable, resulting in freckles, age spots and sun spots.

Freckles are definitely more common in fair skinned individuals, but they can basically occur in anyone because of genetics, sun exposure, dietary factors and hormone imbalances. I absolutely love freckles, my mum used to call these ‘kisses from god’, but if you are a girl who hates her freckles, then there are some wonderful natural tricks to help reduce and remove these.

The first and foremost way to avoid the production of freckles and skin discolouration is to avoid sun exposure and always wear sunscreen. This way your body will not need to produce more melanin in response to sun exposure. If you live in Australia like me and you love to surf, skate and partake in countless outdoor activities, then completely avoiding sun exposure is not an option. I always use a natural sunscreen like WotNot on both myself and my children and a natural moisturiser with an SPF of 15 plus.

High estrogen levels can also make melanin unstable resulting in increased freckle or liver spot formation. To reduce high estrogen levels increase your intake of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale), linseed meal and fermented soy products and reduce your intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. It is also important to improve your liver function and use a natural supplement like indole 3 carbinol to balance estrogen to progesterone levels.

There are plenty of natural home remedies that are claimed to remove or fade freckles. Lemon juice is one of these and it is brilliant at fading freckles and age spots – I don’t believe it can completely remove these, but it definitely helps to lighten these. Only use fresh lemon juice and apply to the skin daily. Lemons contain limonene and citric acid to have a bleaching effect on the skin. Another wonderful remedy is to wash your face with sour milk as this contains lactic acid to provide a gentle peeling effect without drying out the skin. Other fruits and vegetables like strawberries, cucumber, apricots, red currants and tomatoes can be juiced or made into a mask and applied daily to reduce and remove skin discolouration. Natural parsley juice mixed with cucumber and orange juice and added to your favourite skin cream can definitely remove freckles.

Many women use lasers to help remove freckles. Many lasers are effective, but some can damage the underlying skin, resulting in some long term damage. Fraxel laser seems to be the most effective, but if you are worried about any danger from these devices, then why not try using natural remedies found within nature first.

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