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The Danger of High Protein Diets

Yes it is true – high protein diets are not suitable for everyone. Most of these diets emphasize a high intake of animal products like meat, chicken and dairy products, as well as man-made protein powders. While these foods in moderation can provide some nutritional value, in excess they are extremely dangerous. A high intake of dairy products can increase your risk of breast or prostate cancer by almost fifty per cent, and a high intake of red meat has been linked to bowel cancer.

Too much protein when not broken down properly can cause constipation, fluid retention, food allergies, kidney problems and in some cases, more weight gain. In addition, high protein diets can increase a person’s risk of developing kidney stones, gallstones and digestive problems like indigestion, heartburn and ulcers. It is easy for most people to lose large amounts of weight on high protein diets, but as soon as they return to a balanced eating pattern containing healthy carbohydrates, the body doesn’t know how to cope with this shift and the weight piles back on again.

I think the worst of these protein diets are ‘shake diets’ as many of these shakes are high in fructose and sugars (to maintain energy for long periods of time), and this will eventually upset the ability of the pancreas to maintain good insulin levels. If the pancreas is unable to maintain blood sugar, then your weight will continue to fluctuate. The ideal solution to stay trim and healthy is to choose a balanced diet that is free from unprocessed foods and high in natural foods like green, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. Good sources of protein include fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, halibut, herring etc.), organic GMO free tofu, tempeh, nuts and seeds and legumes and a little organic meat (for those people who do not suit a vegetarian diet).

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