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Raw Recipe: Simple Mayo - Katrina Ellis

Raw Recipe: Simple Mayo

This raw Simple Mayo recipe is perfect for those who like to add a little zing to their lunch and it’s full of cashews and garlic (nature’s antibiotic!).

Katrina Ellis Simple Mayo Recipe

Makes 1 tub

1 cup of Cashews
1/4 cup of fresh Lemon juice
1/4 cup of Tomato, chopped
2 Garlic cloves
2 tablespoons of Lecithin granules
3 tablespoons of Flaxseed or Olive Oil
A little purified water
A dash of Celtic Salt
A small handful of fresh Parsley

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until creamy. This mayo will keep for 3 to 5 days when refrigerated.

*Use Roma Tomatoes for a sweeter mayo.


  1. Dot

    How about something natural that doesn’t use the wretched food processor? We always need machines, machines, machines. They don’t have any in 3rd world countries and they need health, too. Dot

    • Katrina

      Hi Dot,
      Every recipe can be done without a food processor if you have a mortar & pestle or similar item. Most people own some sort of food processor now and they are very cheap. These recipes were not designed for people in 3rd world countries but rather for people in the western world. Take Care, Katrina

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