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My All-Time Green Smoothie - Katrina Ellis

My All-Time Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Kale Spinach Hemp Protein Cucumber Berries Banana

Green smoothies are taking over the world and I couldn’t be happier to see more people investing in their health and wellbeing. A green smoothie is a fantastic way to start the day with a super quick and nutritious meal.

I often get asked which is my preference – smoothies or juices? Where possible, always smoothies as the most nutritious part, and the best cancer fighting ingredients of fruits and vegetables are found in the skin and peel.

I enjoy a green smoothie every morning as I find its the quickest way to give my body brain power to ensure I can best treat my beautiful clients. I hope you enjoy my all-time favourite recipe as much as I do!

Makes 2 – 3 cups

2 Kale stalks
1 cup of Baby Spinach
1 Cucumber
1 sprig of Parsley
1 cup of frozen organic Berries or a Banana
1 tbsp of Green Superfood Powder
1 scoop of Hemp Protein Powder

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender with filtered water.

Enjoy immediately!

What’s your favourite Green Smoothie recipe? Please share it below.


  1. shane

    my green monsters vary a blow your sock off one kale or spinach quater to half a lemon i leave skin on ginger root,tumeric root celery cucumber bee pollen granals some cinnamon powder or flaxseed drink straight away if u use flaxseed or it goes rancid mix and match to suit your taste the raw diet green smoothies have my type 2 diabeties under control no medication needed much to the discust of the health opps so called health industry or did i mean to say the sickness industry bought myself a nitri bullet purly because i can cart it around as i’m on a mine site so no exuses that i can;t because of bla bla bla best thing iv’e ever done for my health

    • Katrina

      Sounds like a great blend Shane and fantastic to hear you’ve taken your health into your own hands.

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