Shattering the Cancer Myth + Raw Addiction Pack


Purchase Katrina’s best-selling books, Shattering the Cancer Myth 4th Ed and Raw Addiction for the special price of $59.95 (+ postage and handling).

Raw Addiction contains easy and addictive recipes to reverse ageing and disease. The highly anticipated book is Katrina’s latest and contains over 150 recipes that will have you craving more raw!

Shattering the Cancer Myth is a professional approach, from Katrina’s personal experience, that is an inspiring story of courage that goes on to make a difference.

The Fourth Edition of Shattering the Cancer Myth includes new innovative cancer therapies, full supplement support programs and suggestions for various cancer types, full diet programs and a new chapter by Dr Fluhrer, who is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner combining General Practice with evidence based Gene Diagnosis and Complementary Medicine.

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Product Description

The fourth edition of Shattering the Cancer Myth features a new chapter by Dr Fluhrer.

Dr Fluhrer is dedicated to helping Health Practitioners create effective, personalised treatment strategies for their patients. In his role as Medical Director of Genostics, Dr Fluhrer also educates other Health Practitioners on some of the new advances in molecular medicine relating to the early detection and treatment of cancer. He is the medical director of Genostics.


What other’s have said about Shattering the Cancer Myth:

“Shattering the Cancer Myth is nothing less than a unique manual for turning one’s life around with a very special bonus: this book has soul!”

Leslie Kenton: Award winning Journalist, Novelist, Broadcaster, Lecturer and Social Activist.

“In short, this is the best and most informative book on cancer I have read — and I’ve read a lot of them.  Everyone needs this book  — both for her account of her unique experience as a cancer survivor and a naturopatic physician and for the enormous amount of useful information on every aspect of cancer. “

Bill Henderson: Author of Cancer-Free (4th Edition) — Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing. 

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